I have owned and bred sporting dogs for well over 4 decades. It has always been my desire and goals to own well bred and top performing dogs from an early age. Having an interest in both Labradors and Beagles I decided to work toward developing a line of each breed that would produce a top performing dogs that are capable of producing the same when introduced into a well planed breeding program.




I have traveled all through out New England, south to the Carolinas and Kentucky, west to

Indiana and Illinois and worked with well know breeders all over the country.


After witnessing the best bred beagles that are available I have concluded that the Buckshot Mr. Bill line of beagles best represent the consistent performing, high caliber type of hound that best suits my personnel needs as well as the needs of many of the hunters and trial people I have been in contact with for the past 15 years.     


The Mr Bill line of dogs have proven that when bred to quality females that I can expect a large percent of early starting well balanced hounds with an excellent nose. 


The pups from this line will run on a variety  of conditions and learn to handle well at an early age.


When raised right and trained in a positive manner the owner can expect a life long companion that they will be proud to own.


In 2007 John Waldron and I were fortunate enough to acquire the last remaining semen out of Buckshot Mr Bill and have it in storage awaiting to be used on the best females at sometime in the future. 


In 2010 John and I were able to purchase frozen semen out of FC John's Buck V whom is directly out of Buckshot Mr. Bill and has also gone on to sire many Field Champions as well as top notch hounds that are still being hunted every season.


I have just sold my share of the Buckshot and John's Buck semen to John Waldron of Kittery Maine. 


My goal is to continue breeding this outstanding line of hounds using some of the finest off spring ever produced from Buckshot Mr. Bill and select females. 


It is my belief that I am the happy owner of the largest concentration of Buckshot bloodlines available anywhere.


After investing thousands of dollars and many years of my life to perfecting this line of hounds, I am happy to offer an occasional litter of pups for sale to those whom may want to invest in this proven line of dogs.


Give me a call at  207-432-6873


Thank you, Ken Mcgillivary